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How your donations help. 20 organizations and growing.

From libraries to medical centers, from services focused on preventing domestic abuse to scholarships for higher education, A Vintage Affair has been a played a role in positively transforming Williamson County for the better — one wildly entertaining event at a time.

We’ve contributed funds to 20 well-worthwhile organizations. But we prefer to think of the dozens of women who have been taken into safe places. Or the hundreds of children who have received specialized learning programs. And the incalculable number of smiles that have spread across all the faces of those who feel a true sense of fulfillment by contributing their presence to the big picture of being human.


Williamson Medical Center Foundation collects donations and distributes them to a number of individual funds ranging from children’s needs to various areas throughout the main hospital. The Foundation has been in existence for 14 years and has raised nearly $7 million over that time.

Williamson Medical Center Foundation has been so fortunate over the years to be a beneficiary of A Vintage Affair. Thanks to the donations from this event, we are able to buy additional equipment and supplies needed for our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit so that we can take the absolute best care of our littlest patients.


Kindred Spirits is a Therapeutic Riding program that benefits special needs, terminally ill, and battered children.


We advocate for abused and neglected children in the juvenile court system. Our vision is for every child to be in a safe and permanent home.

They are the victims of people who are unable or refuse to accept the responsibilities of raising a child. And through no fault of their own, these children are cast into a complex, chaotic and uncertain environment of courtrooms and foster care. They are alone and often times they are scared.

Williamson County CASA helps children in this situation every day. Speaking on their behalf in courtrooms, identifying safe homes for them to live in and listening to their stories. And while we consider this our mission as a non-profit organization, we are dependent upon people like you for monetary and volunteer support. Helping the helpless is a responsibility we all share.

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AVA has been our longest, most consistent supporter going back to their beginning. Their sincere belief in our mission to improve the life of our local youth through foster homes, relative placement or transitional living is palpable.


With their support, our platform is brought before people and organizations who might otherwise be disconnected from our efforts. More importantly, their seal of approval adds validity in the eyes of community members who want to do an act of kindness.


Thousands of young men have been able to sit down to healthy meals, sleep comfortably and receive life-changing therapy thanks to the generosity of AVA. Working with them ensures a grape time is had by all!

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In 2008, Jim and Melinda Hollandsworth met one family living in a mobile home community near their home which changed the trajectory of their own life path. This family introduced them to a neighborhood where very few children were graduating from high school, and many were headed down a destructive path. At that time, Jim was an Executive Pastor at a local church and Melinda had been a 2nd grade and special education teacher. They decided to help a few neighborhood kids with homework and invited their friends to help.

Years later, they are just as passionate about equipping kids through positive relationships and finding new ways to enhance education programs beyond the school walls. They also have the privilege of leading an amazing staff who make Path Project not just function, but thrive. Not to mention, working alongside community leaders, churches, and local schools to transform communities for many years to come! 


High Hopes Development Center was created out of necessity by five families in Middle Tennessee. These community members envisioned a place where children with special needs could receive a jump start in early education with therapeutic interventions onsite for those who needed it.

What they created was an inclusive environment, where children with special needs play, learn and grow alongside their friends that are typically-developing.

This inclusive education experience is bolstered by an onsite outpatient clinic providing four branches of pediatric therapy.

Know an organization that could benefit?

You’re in luck! We’re always looking for new causes and organizations who would benefit from our community’s kindness. Let us know who you’re nominating — and more importantly — why. If your suggestion matches our mission, we’ll reach out personally to take the next step of what promises to be a fantastic partnership.

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