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Help us make a difference, one bottle at a time.


Giving Through Wining and Dining.

A Vintage Affair has one equally gratifying and fun-filled mission: to hold the distinction of being the only non-profit for women and children in Williamson County that raises awareness and funds for those in most desperate need of help…one glass at a time.

A Vintage Affair has directly influenced the lives of hundreds of people in Williamson County since our founding in 2001. But we know none of it would be possible without the positive attitude and gracious giving of all the people who attend our one-of-a-kind entertainment events throughout the year. People who know that every dollar makes a difference. People like you.


Women and Children FIRST.

While our charity focuses on women and children, our giving extends to anyone in need. Our donations extend to regional medical centers, social service organizations, and all the institutions that make Williamson County a place unlike any other.

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